Are drinking, drugs, gambling or problems with food controlling your life?
Chances are if you are reading this, you have no strength to struggle against your addiction. You can’t cope with it alone. Dependence robs away your family, friends, studies, work,  joy of life and ability to feel.  You are a prisoner massively desperate, how can you face it alone?
Are you a parent, a student, an artist, a professional, a son or a daughter? Addiction does not discriminate.
It was a while ago when alcohol, drugs, gambling or food worked for you before they became a problem, but now you are the problem.
Have you experienced trauma or a strong shock during childhood, or your subconscious plays games against you? What is it?
Long ago you thought that using gave you confidence, that you were happier and peaceful, but it was only a self deception. An easy way out.
Sometimes you wake up and want to forget what happened yesterday. You have tried to stop but could not. Shame, pain, fear, bitterness and despair make you use, just to slam your face against the floor again and again. You feel alone with no friends and your family is desperate. Willpower is long gone and life is uncontrollable. You are powerless.

And now you are here. This is your turning point!!

Villa Matrix is here to help you get back your life together, to be a happier person and useful member of society. We understand you since some of us have been there...
Our team and professional staff  here in Israel will help you and your family determine the cause, and will help you know yourself, that you are a wonderful person, that it is not your fault. You are not guilty, just ill, and we will help you control this disease together.
You will regain a desire to live and will regain the love and confidence of your family. You will become a loving child, sister, friend or caring parent again.
You will learn how to make friends and keep the respect you deserve, you will be able to return to your loved one or move on with life.
Take a break from life as you know it. Let us help you.
Sober life is rewarding and many presents and blessings are on your way.
Believe us, you do have a real chance!!

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