Chances are if you are reading it, you have no strength to struggle against your addiction. You can’t cope with it alone. Dependence robs your family, friends, work, joy of life, ability to feel. And stay face to face with it. And now you understand that it’s just a matter of time, when you finally become a prisoner of it. You will not even notice it. But some time ago bond was our friend. Disposal could help you to relax, to relieve your stress. you could become more confident, happier and more peaceful. But that was just a self-deception. And over time, we know where this disposal will bring you. Sometimes you wake up and you want to forget what happened yesterday. Shame, pain, bitterness and despair make you to use - to be led by your disposal again and again! It is a kind of vicious circle, and you already cannot stop. You don’t understand your relatives anymore, your friends leave you and you feel lonely. You do not understand what is happening to you, and you cannot control your life. It rolls downhill. Have you ever tried to stop but failed? And it is not because you don’t want or you are infirm person, who has no willpower. Your disposal is only stronger than you so far. Maybe before your life was fine, but a turning point in life, you have experienced trauma or a strong shock, and maybe - it is from your childhood, at the subconscious level. Now the main thing is to establish what makes you to take it? Our team will help you and your family to determine the cause, will help you understand yourself, understand that you are wonderful person, that the disposal was pushing you to commit rash actions. You will get rid of the oppressive feeling of guilt, You will return a desire to live, you will return to the meaning of life and bright colors. You will regain your love and confidence of your family. You will become a loving child or caring parent again. You will learn how to make friends, return the respect of friends, return your partner’s love, etc. You can’t even imagine how many presents of the fate wait for you in sober life. Your family, friends need you. And the most important – you need yourself. Our experts understand all the sorrows of addiction and many of them know about them firsthand. They will help you go through it, through the sitution they once were themselves. You will be able to overcome all the difficulties. Believe us! You do have a real chance.

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