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      Rehabilitation center Villa Matrix

      Villa Matrix is an established private premium rehab center in Israel focused on treating various addictions with specific and effective, traditional and modern therapies for patients in need of individual care with problems of alcoholism, narcotics, internet, eating disorders, gambling, dual diagnosis and other destructive compulsive behaviors.

      Villa Matrix offers a chance to get away from the distractions and triggers commonly found in everyday life and toxic environments, and allow the patient to recuperate and focus on getting physically and mentally restored to health. Our patients come from all over the world, including Israel, North and Latin America, UK, Russia, Europe, South Africa and Australia.

      Our treatment facility is located in Hertzliya, in a discreet, private and fully luxurious villa only 10 minutes away from Tel Aviv. Villa Matrix provides its clients with a relaxed and comfortable rehabilitation environment with the highest, most exclusive treatment level available in Israel within optimum living conditions.

      Our advantages
      Accompanying the patient even after leaving the center
      Adapting personal care to the patient
      Great staff in relation to patients
      High living conditions
      Intensive individual / group therapy
      Over 10 years of addiction experience

      Our Services


      Gambling is as much an addiction as any other which we address at Villa Matrix. Problem gambling, also called ludomania,...
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      With the advent of the internet age and easy access to the worldwide web, increasing numbers of people are becoming addi...
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      Want to start over? We are the right place
      Want to start over? We are the right place

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        Rehabilitation center  

        Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation centers play a growing role in dealing with a global epidemic of addiction. As of 2020, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was estimated that 24 million people in the U.S alone required treatment. But of those millions, only 11.6% received professional treatment at a rehabilitation center. Of the remaining 98.4%, only 4% believed they needed help – and only 1.2% made an effort to get it. The most common reason they gave for not seeking help? Lack of knowledge or ability to find a rehab center – or lack of insurance/resources to cover their stay.

        From maladaptive behaviors to healthy coping skills

        What the rehabilitation center then seeks to do is help the patient make positive changes in their life by correcting behaviors that are harmful and maladaptive. They acquire healthy coping skills, emotional regulation skills, impulse control  – and drug refusal strategies. This, even more than keeping the patients in a substance free and emotionally supportive environment is what helps patients avoid a relapse once they return to their lives outside the institution.

        So what exactly is a rehabilitation center?

        A rehabilitation center is an institution where an individual suffering from substance abuse or drug addiction can be helped to recover from his addiction. People suffering from an addiction quite often require the additional care and assistance that addiction treatment centers provide.

        It should be emphasized that the patients receiving care in these institutes can leave at any time. Legal issues aside, rehabilitation centers can only be truly effective when the patient truly wants to be there, and wants to make a change in his life by shedding addictive habits and dependencies.


        Before the treatment can begin patients may need to endure detox treatment. Detox is the process by which the patient’s body is purged of any remnant of the addictive substance. Only then can the habit altering treatment begin.

        Israel rehabilitation centers

        The magic circle of addiction is characterized by repeated, and doomed to failure, attempts to relieve emotional pain, or coping with a harsh external reality by ingesting a narcotic. At best, it can offer merely temporary relief. Once its effects fades away, the need to partake of the narcotic resurfaces, and with it guilt and shame, frustration and failure, which subconsciously accompany the addict until he overcomes his addiction. Breaking this perverse cycle requires a deep and lengthy rehabilitation process. This is the only real solution to changing the compulsive behavioral patterns of the addict.

        The addict will repeatedly seek temporary alleviation of his distress through the drug. Life will invariably expose him to sensitive and need inducing conditions – which is precisely why a drug rehabilitation center, where such situations are absent is the best way for an addict to overcome his addiction. Research has shown that drug addiction is not merely a function of physical dependency of the individual but behavioral patterns which become more and more deeply rooted the longer the period of addiction continues. Merely detoxifying the addict and keeping him away from the drug, though necessary, is insufficient to prevent a relapse. Which is, again, why drug rehabilitation centers prepared to offer a comprehensive supportive envelope are all the more necessary.

        The best Israel rehabilitation centers

        Israeli drug rehabilitation centers include run the gamut from state supported, public institutions to more exclusive (and expensive) private institutions. The former can be subdivided into “closed” institutions called “Ishpuzit” offering 24-7 supervision and support and “open” (day) institutions. The demand for the former is quite high, leading to great demands on the staff. The latter are limited to individuals who can demonstrate a strong support network of family and friends and tend to be frequented by the less destitute and more middle class patients. Unfortunately, while the desire to avoid the often-desperate character of the inmates the closed public rehabilitation centers is understandable, the most effective treatment does require constant supervision and support – and zero opportunities to backslide before the process is complete.

        Hence the rise in Israel of private institutions, such as Matrix Villa, prepared to offer individuals desiring to free themselves from the bondage of addiction in a more exclusive, relaxing, and comprehensive setting.

        Rehab in Israel 

        Israel has, according to the most recent studies, over 120 thousand addicts. The effects of addiction can be devastating, due to both physical and socio-psychological factors. The causes for addiction are many: ranging from physical dependency on the substance itself to psychological aspects of the addiction such as a difficulty to delay gratification and emotional balance, and it is made all the more difficult to overcome by the degradation of day-to-day functional skills.

        It has long been established that the most effective settings for the rehab in Israel, and generally is a rehab center where a comprehensive therapy, including both physical detoxification,  restoration of the trust of the patient in himself can be provided, and the practice of healthy coping habits can be assimilated by the patient can be accomplished.

        The process of rehabilitation from drug affection can be accomplished by many varying approaches, but what they all share in common is the total, unambiguous and uncompromising separation between the addiction and his addiction.

        how to go through rehab in israel?

        This severance, if maintained in full over time, constitutes the core of the rehabilitation process. It is crucial since any backsliding during the therapy will lead the patient to lose faith in himself and the process and rob him of the confidence he requires to succeed. Nonetheless, the weaning of the body away from the drug generates a terrible psychological anxiety. It is precisely in this dark passage that the abilities of the rehab center are most critical, and the availability of the staff who guide the patient through to the other side most crucial.

        Unfortunately, though Israel has over 120,000 addicts, only 3,000 were admitted to public rehab centers in 2019. Partly, this is because many addicts deny they have a problem or reject the rehab center option. But this is not the whole of the story – the public health system in Israel is simply unable to provide comprehensive treatment to all, and the queues for the rehab centers are long. The pressure takes its toll – over a third of those admitted fail to complete the process.

        It is this void that private rehab centers in Israel seek to fill, offering addicts prepared to shake off their monkey a relaxing, embracing and accepting environment with zero chance of backsliding.

        Want to start over? We are the right place
        Leave details and we'll start a new path

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