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    Professional Team

    Our treatment services at Villa Matrix are delivered by an on-site team of professionals

    representing many disciplines. This multi-disciplinary team creates an individual

    treatment plan based on clinical needs. These highly trained professionals may consist of:

    • Psychiatrist.
    • Nurses.
    • Social Counselors.
    • Clinical Addiction Social Workers
    • Psychologist.
    • Family/Couple Therapist.
    • Art Therapist.
    • Guided Imagery and NLP Therapist.
    • Trauma Therapist (PTSD).
    • Psychodrama Therapist.
    • Cognitive / Behavioral Therapist.
    • Writing Therapist.
    • Clinical Nutritionist
    • Wellness and Fitness Specialists
    • Chef.
    • Alternative Therapist.
    Want to start over? We are the right place
    Want to start over? We are the right place

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