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    Test for alcohol addiction

    According to American classification of mental disorders, alcohol addiction can be diagnosed by giving more then five answer of the following question:

    Give «yes» or «no» answers

    1. Do you like drinking alcohol?
    2. Do you justify your alcohol consumption?
    3. Did you have health problems because of alcohol consumption?
    4. Did you happen to miss classes or work because of alcohol consuming the day before?
    5. Do you have a desire to continue consuming alcohol after the first doses?
    6. Did you have memory blocks because of alcohol consumption?
    7. Do you take alcohol for stress relief and to warm the heart?
    8. Do you take alcohol in order to cope with your shyness and feel self-confident?
    9. Do you have financial problems because of spending money on alcohol?
    10. Did you happen to take alcohol in the company of strangers or people completely inappropriate for you?
    11. Did you happen to have troubles because of alcohol consumption — priors to the police, loss of valuable things, undesired sexual intercourses?
    12. Are your relatives bothered with your alcohol consumption?
    13. Are you inclined to aggression under effect of alcohol?
    14. Did you try to stop consuming alcohol or reduce the dose?
    15. Did you apply to doctors in order to avoid consequences of alcohol consumption?
    16. Did you happen at least occasionally to consume alcohol till noon?
    17. Did you happen at least occasionally to consume alcohol on your own?
    18. Do you notice that the amount of alcohol you used before is not enough in order to achieve the required effect?

    Test for gambling addiction

    According to American classification of mental disorders, gambling addiction can be diagnosed by discovering at least a couple of signs of the following nine:

    1. often participation in gambling and finding money on gambling;
    2. often participation in gambling for large amounts of money within a longer period of time than the person previously intended;
    3. need to increase amount or frequency of stakes in order to achieve desired excitement;
    4. anxiety or irritability, if the game fails;
    5. repeated loss of money in the game and borrowing it “till tomorrow” in order to win back the loss (“chasing the gain”);
    6. repeated attempts to reduce or stop participation;
    7. game quickening in situation when the necessity comes up to fulfill one’s social and professional duties;
    8. refusing from important social, professional or entertaining events for game;
    9. continuing gambling despite inability to pay growing debts or notwithstanding other important social, professional or legal problems which, as the person knows well, will occur because of gambling
    Want to start over? We are the right place
    Want to start over? We are the right place

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