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    The rehabilitation programs at Villa Matrix are a complex mix of traditional and modern alternative therapies based on individual recovery schedules, that without making wild claims, can reach very high recovery results.

    Recent research in the field of therapy of addiction and psychiatry showed that in most cases there is a direct correlation between the duration and intensity of the therapy and individual ability to maintain sobriety and stability in the future for young adults, men and women tormented by addictions and/or psychological issues.

    The duration of these comprehensive but individual programs provide increased wellness, sobriety and stability in the future and focus on managing symptoms and development of skills for dealing with real or imaginary difficulties in life. International patients may find our rehabilitation programs as a useful life saver when going back to their home communities.

    Short Term Residential Clinic

    At Villa Matrix we provide individual programs designed for the treatment of mild addictive symptoms, before the recently diagnosed patient snowballs into a rampant life of substance abuse and abnormal behavioral ways.

    Up to 90 days, including an average period of 30 to 45 days of detoxification, this is a very intensive program aimed at creating a thorough foundation for sobriety and emotional stability in the immediate future. This short program employs psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapies and patients are encouraged to participate in all meetings, group sessions and other activities with enough time for introspection and development of coping skills. The patient learns and understands the need for care and preservation of sobriety. This program is recommended for patients who require residential clinical help for the first time.

    Medium Term Residential Clinic

    At Villa Matrix, most rehabilitation treatments begin with a 90 day program and extend according to the individual therapeutic needs of each patient. In most cases the medium term rehabilitation treatment follows a medically supervised detoxification period that may average 45 to 60 days. This program is indicated for patients in need of a minimum detoxification period and therapies focusing on alternative lifestyle choices. In our structured environment, patients take advantage of our intensive program and activities.

    Long Term Residential Clinic

    Longer term treatment with a minimum of 6 months is indicated for patients who have a history of frequent relapses, and is advised for chronic alcoholics and addicts who have been previously treated in other institutions.

    At Villa Matrix this program is recommended for patients who suffer co-morbidity or dual diagnosis. This program is intended for patients addicted for years, and patients suffering from depression, anxiety, personality disorders, PTSD, OCD and ADDH in addition to substance abuse.

    Patients with a long history of extreme alcohol or drug addiction, or addiction to pills or prescription medication may also find useful this program since in most cases the medically supervised withdrawal and detoxification period alone may take many weeks or even months to overcome.

    Moreover, we at Villa Matrix strongly advise long term internship for patients who suffer from extreme eating disorders in need of stabilization, individual care and support. Long term treatment provides a greater strengthening of the body and prepares them to leave this place with a clear understanding of how to live.

    Want to start over? We are the right place
    Want to start over? We are the right place

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      Want to start over? We are the right place
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