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alcohol rehabilitation center

Alcohol Detoxification

Detoxification is a medically supervised stabilization treatment program for alcohol addiction, designed to purge the body of intoxicating substances. Generally, it is the first step in overcoming addiction and is part of a planned program of rehabilitation at Matrix. A body badly burned by alcohol does not recover overnight nor do twisted thinking and depression vanish in an instant.

In order to avoid alcohol withdrawal symptoms, some medicines may be temporarily prescribed. The type of medication and the length of its use for detoxification takes into account the patient’s individual specific needs.

Matrix provides a stimulating and supportive environment for patients at all times. This enables patients to develop alternative coping strategies. During the program, the warm and friendly surroundings of the clinic promote a feeling of safety and security in the rehabilitation process, allowing the patient to feel protected and to appreciate the treatment. However, the nature of the program, combined with the individual’s need to get on with life, means the treatment process will be intense. This is essential to produce the desired result.

Alcoholism Treatment

Becoming addicted to alcohol is one of the most traumatic and frightening experiences an individual can have, and can seriously impact the quality of life, affecting both the central nervous system and personalities of the addict. Addiction to alcohol is a medical issue and can grow quietly like a cancer, creating massive havoc in people’s lives before they realize they have a serious problem. By the time the problem is addressed, the situation may have reached crisis point and the alcohol dependency can seem huge and impossible to combat. To produce effective results, the treatment program includes detoxification and a wide range of workshops and sessions allowing the addict to address issues of a physical, emotional and psychological nature.

Alcohol is often the answer for many people when dealing with stressful or problematic situations. But there is a way out and Matrix provides a stimulating and supportive environment as patients develop skills necessary to abandon alcohol as a solution to life’s problems and difficulties. This includes instilling the belief that the patient can cope without drink totally and without compromise. During the program, the warm and friendly surroundings of Matrix will assist in the rehabilitation as it promotes safety and security throughout, making the patient feel protected and appreciate the necessity of treatment.

The treatment will also explore the way in which alcohol can deny opportunity and rob people of their self-worth and will reinstate self-esteem in our patients and release them of the alcohol obsession. The patient needs to believe that there is life after alcohol – and a rewarding one at that. The treatment can only be viewed as a success if the patient values their role in society and recognizes the potential of a fulfilling life without alcohol. We teach the patient the belief that there is a rewarding life after booze and that they have a positive role in society.

Want to start over? We are the right place
Want to start over? We are the right place

alcohol rehab centre

Few adults haven’t socially consumed alcohol. But when alcohol begins playing a central part in our lives and becomes a regular and increasingly frequent fixture of our day, then you may well be faced with an addiction.

Addiction to alcohol is incredibly dangerous, resulting in loss of control over our lives, impairment of our day-to-day function, and harm both to our own health and to the lives of those near and dear to us.

The goal of the alcohol rehabilitation center is to completely wean patients away from alcohol, and return them to their path of life, the path which excessive drinking has interrupted. It is intended for individuals interested in complete discretion and a comprehensive therapy.

 alcohol rehabilitation center Villa Matrix

Alcohol rehabilitation is composed of two phases. The first stage directly addresses rehabilitation from alcohol – physical weaning, putting an end to drinking. This is an extremely sensitive stage which requires close round the clock supervision of a doctor and a nurse due to the health risks associated with going cold turkey. The second stage treats the addiction – a mental weaning from the need and yearning for alcohol consumption.

Addiction to alcohol is familiar problem not only in Israel, but throughout the world. It starts slowly, but soon, from a small glass of scotch to a large glass of Vodka one finds that there is no going back. At least – not without the proper therapy.

Such therapy takes place in a rehabilitation center, where dedicated staff and a supportive environment can help you come to terms with your addiction, acknowledge it, form counter addiction habits, and then deal with the deeper reasons which lead you to fall back on alcohol, whether they are hereditary, social or personal.

Are you ready to take the first step to a healthier, more wholesome life? Contact Matrix Villa today.

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