Gambling is as much an addiction as any other which we address at Villa Matrix.  Problem gambling, also called ludomania, leads to the fulfillment of fantasies or false gratification, taking wild risks in the hope that the next bet will make everything all right, as compulsive gamblers seek in an attempt to escape the real world despite negative social, personal and family consequences.
The condition of a pathological gambler is classified as an impulse control disorder, with sufferers exhibiting many similarities to those who have substance addictions. This can lead to lying, illegal acts, broken relationships, including family and property loss with catastrophic consequences. It may even lead to a deep depression which often can lead to suicide.
A series of counseling and therapy sessions are provided to our patients at Villa Matrix to reduce and control the harmful desires associated with gambling addiction, together with resolving the distressing consequences that the addiction may have caused.  The treatment involves counseling, step-based programs, self-help, peer support, medication, alternative therapies, or a combination of these.

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