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    The basis for rehabilitation program in Matrix Reload rehab is a complex mix of traditional and alternative therapies in relationships and emphasis on individual recovery programs that can reach very high recovery results.

    Recent research in the field of therapy of addiction and psychiatry showed, that there is a direct correlation between the duration of the therapy and individual ability to maintain sobriety and stability in future.

    Matrix Reload rehab offer you a continuous treatment of at least 45 days,according to the therapeutic needs of each and evey patient. The duration creates a basis for a long-term sobriety and emotional stability in the future.

    120-days treatment and rehabilitation program

    This program is intended for patients that addicts for years, patients who suffering from comorbidities, and dual diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, personality disorders, PTSD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity concentrat, etc. The duration of this program provides maintaining sobriety and stability in the future, and is suitable for chronic alcoholics and addicts who have been treated in other institutions and for other programs. This program focuses on managing symptoms and development of skills solving life’s problems. This comprehensive program has a duration recommended by psychiatrists and physicians dealing with addictions, as well as professionals if this field. Rehabilitation within 90 days, gives patients the best chance of recovery.

    90-day intensive treatment program

    This program is designed for the treatment of mild symptoms of dependence. This is a very intensive program aimed at creating a thorough foundation for sobriety and emotional stability in the future. The program uses a psychodynamic therapy and cognitive therapy behavior. Under this program patients can participate in all meetings, group sessions and entertainment, and while he is still enough time for introspection and development. Thus the patient understands the need for care and preservation of sobriety. We strongly recommend you choose this program as a minimum stay in our center.

    45-day detox and treatment program

    45-day program offers patients with limited time to participate in all classes of the complete program, but with a stronger emphasis on basic parameters. This program is based on the theory and methodology of the crisis. This program has a more intense schedule of individual psychotherapy: during such sessions key points of the program are explained. It focuses on gatherings “lifestyle choice”, which focuses on mind, body and soul to the patients. This program is very wide and intense. However, we recommend you choose a 45-day program, which is the optimal length of stay in our center/

    Support program

    This program is longer than the 120-day program and for those patients who need a safe place to continue the recovery process. Customers who stay for more than 90 days and receive individual therapy program and cared for, they live in our carefully structured environment, and acquire the skills they need to maintain sobriety in their native environment. Such a long period of therapy provides a greater strengthening of the body and prepares them to leave this place with a clear understanding of how to live.

    Our treatment programs are designed to remove either dependency, or related disorders. They are based on the theory of the crisis, as well as psychodynamic therapy and cognitive therapy, behavior.

    Program components include:

    • Base programs
    • Symptoms management classes
    • Developing of life’s problems solving skills
    • 12-steps model

    Complex and alternative techniques

    • Emotional therapie
    • Yoga / Meditation
    • Fitness
    • Excursions
    • Advice on nutrition
    • Group of lifestyle choices
    • Management of medicines
    • Individual programs
    • Intensive individual psychotherapy
    • Group psychotherapy
    • Family therapy
    • Development of life-history

    Our program offers all clinical interventions and related services necessary for successful therapy as a dependency and related disorders to achieve sobriety, and emotional stability. This combination of techniques leads to achieving the best level of service available in the world today.

    For those who’ll feel anxiety about the possibility of a fall, the center provides program of disruption prevention, as an additional service

    Prevention programs for Teenagers

    Prevention programs for Professionals.doc

    Prevention programs for parents.doc

    Want to start over? We are the right place
    Want to start over? We are the right place

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      Want to start over? We are the right place
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