Therapies and Activities

Our rehabilitation programs are designed on a holistic or comprehensive approach to remove dependency and treat related disorders. They are based on the crisis theory, psychodynamic and behavioral cognitive therapies. Some program components or activities will be adjusted according to each patient's individual needs and rehabilitation requirements.

Holistic Approach Components:

•    Individual and Group Therapies   
•    12 Step Workshops
•    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
•    Emotional Freedom Techniques
•    Fear Management Therapy
•    Massage
•    Biofeedback
•    Psychiatry
•    Medication Management
•    Anger Management Therapy
•    Nutrition  
•    Symptoms Management Guidance
•    Sea & Aquatic Therapy
•    Lifestyle Choices Therapy
•    Life & Problem Solving Skills Management
•    Art Therapy

•    Acupuncture
•    Personal Trainer, Fitness and Sports
•    DBT
•    Family Therapy
•    Life History Therapy
•    N.A & A.A
•    Psychotherapy
•    Relapse Prevention
•    Yoga  
•    Meditation
•    Excursions & Guided Tours in Israel
•    Prevention Programs for Teenagers, Professionals and Parents
•    Maintenance Program
•    Leisure Activities
•    Diary Writing
•    Etc

Patients are provided a minimum of 5 intensive therapies every day in addition to other recreational and leisure activities. Other therapies may be included as they become available. Additionally, Villa Matrix offers clinical interventions and related services for patients in Israel and foreign countries as part of our world class program range.
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