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Why Us?

Villa Matrix is a private rehab center licensed by the Ministries of Health and Social Affairs of Israel. We strive to bring unparalleled excellence and best value in treatment quality to patients who need help with all kinds of addictions, such as drugs, alcohol, internet, gambling, eating disorders, dual diagnosis and OCD, providing advanced techniques and most effective treatments available in Israel and the world today.

We Are In Israel

Villa Matrix located in the heart of Israel and offers an exceptional opportunity for patients from Israel and foreign countries to achieve a healthy recovery and lasting sobriety away from their native toxic environments, far from familiar people, places and things. Because the treatment takes place in Israel, the patient will achieve emotional health and freedom from dependency as a result of a process unique to Israel and its miraculous history


Villa Matrix is a luxurious private villa centrally located in Herzliya, only 10 minutes away from Tel Aviv. We provide a discrete and intimate treatment experience but near to every other major metropolitan locality in the country

Family Oriented

Addicts often feel lonely, that they have no family support, that they become a burden to the point of exclusion. At Matrix we involve the family in the recovery process and bridge distances in damaged family relations, encouraging active family participation to improve understanding and communication. This will allow the addict and family to understand the illness and develop coping skills and deeper bonds in an open and safe environment

Tailored Treatment

Villa Matrix offers a range of intensive vanguard therapies customized to meet your individual needs. We provide specific treatments for each and every addiction, as we know there can’t be one approach to treating every addiction. We provide detoxification and rehab therapy in one location

Accommodation Choices

Villa Matrix offers its residents several accommodation choices, including luxury en-suite options, free wi-fi internet access in common areas and flat-screen TVs in each bedroom within a warm and friendly environment. Later in the evening, residents will either retire to their rooms for some privacy, arrange a movie/sports night together or enjoy socializing in good company in one of the many relaxing areas within the villa.

Our Staff

Our staff ratio is about one-to-one, allowing for personal attention at all times. We believe individual attention is the key to a successful recovery. We only accept a limited number of patients at any one point so that each of our patients can receive an exclusive support and attention they deserve. From the moment you are admitted into Villa Matrix, you will work closely with experienced professional members of our team, who always have your best interest at heart, and who will help you guide you through the transition to recuperation and sobriety. Spiritual guidance is also provided upon request.

Want to start over? We are the right place
Want to start over? We are the right place

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Want to start over? We are the right place
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